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Chaos at the Convenience Store

It’s  a hot summer day.  I have a dollar and change.  That’s right!  It’s off to the AM/PM for a soda!  Most convenience stores allow you to refill their drink cups at a discount.  At AM/PM you can refill a 64 oz. cup for $1.09.  Today they only charged me 87 cents for a fill-up!  My brother says that they run some kind of special on various days of the week, which is why the price seems to vary.  Anyway, on to the real story…

These days, convenience stores offer a pretty wide variety of sodas at their fountains.  The AM/PM down the street has about a dozen or so options, including Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Coke (all three in regular and diet), two flavors of Gatorade, and various energy drinks.  I could have spent half an hour sampling the flavors before I made up my mind (and I almost did!).  This time, however, I found something I hadn’t noticed before. 

Ever have an orange whip?  The only other place I’ve seen them is at a Mexican restaurant.  Having a taste, I immediately realized what made it so tasty: it was basically an orange-and-cream popsicle in soda form.  It was so sweet, I had to dilute it.  So, I added Mountain Dew in roughly equal proportion.  The mixture worked fairly well, since Mountain Dew has sort of a citrus flavor, and the orange whip was so strong that I could still taste it very clearly. 

When I mixed the two together, I noticed that it was unusually foamy, no doubt the result of some kind of chemical reaction.  I saw something similar when my Dad mixed Mountain Dew with milk.  My brother says that the foam is essentially cheese.  When my stomach started gurgling after only a few sips of this curious mixture, I knew I was onto something. 

All in all, I love the taste of orange whip, and mixing it with Mountain Dew helps dilute it without ruining the flavor.  If you get the chance, I recommend giving it a try.  Be warned, however: this stuff is sweet enough to burn the back of your throat.  If you try it, you might want to stick to a 20 oz.-or-smaller cup.  You know what?  I just realized that this would make an excellent float if I were to scoop some French Vanilla ice cream into it…


One response

  1. Thomas

    You do know that “potent potables” refer to alcoholic beverages, right?

    July 30, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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