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Darkwing Duck Returns… in Comic Book Form!

Darkwing Duck Returns!

The terror that flaps in the night...

Hoo boy, I wasn’t expecting this.  This is no joke.  BOOM! Studios is publishing a new Darkwing Duck comic.  According to wikipedia, the comic launched as a four-part miniseries and was successful enough to be extended into something continuous.  Who knew?  It was announced back in March and launched around June.  I won’t spoil the comic’s initial storyline, but the link provided will offer some insight if you’re interested.  When it comes to comics, I usually prefer to wait for the paperback.  However, this may be an exception, as I am a pretty big fan of the show (as are a number of my internet friends).  My hope is that renewed interest in the Darkwing Duck character might lead to a DVD release for the remaining episodes of the show.  So, to any fans of Darkwing out there, please consider a purchase!  Here’s a link to the article announcing the comic’s release:


One response

  1. “Let’s get dangerous!”

    “When there’s trouble, you can call D.W.!”

    August 13, 2010 at 9:13 am

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