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X-Entertainment MS Paint Contest Entry!

It took all night, but here it is.  For you readers out there, I’ll update this post with more making-of info later.  It’s a long story. 

A true clash of titans.

Charles (In Charge) shouts at Sue Sylvester through a megaphone.

Title: “Back In Charge”

Description: When the contest came up, the “Glee” lady was the most odious TV character I could think of.  This started as a simple unflattering drawing, but then I thought: a jerk like her should get her comeuppance, and who better to deliver a comeuppance against my least favorite TV character than my FAVORITE TV character?  Who better to administer vicarious revenge than the man who’s in charge of our days and our nights, our wrongs AND our rights?  The idea was so simple, it practically drew itself.  The space-time anomaly in the background was included to explain how Charles entered the “Glee” universe.  As for why this is taking place on a grassy plain, adjacent to forrests and mountains?  Charles takes a lot of guff from the Powells, and he likes to get away from it all.  Besides, he’s the outdoorsy type.  One look at this and you’ll want Charles in charge of you, too!  Filmed in Panavision.


One response

  1. mandy_Reeves

    You win.

    August 14, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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