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What’s with the Coke Bottles?

Today I went to the store for a two-liter Coke.  When I got to the soda aisle, I noticed something odd.

It's not a good sign that I find this so interesting...

Please excuse the poor photgraphy.

 The Coke bottles had black lids!  Mind you, this was Coke Classic, not some Diet or promotional flavor.  Just plain old Coke.  My digital camera is pretty cheap, so here’s a wider shot that will hopefully illustrate it better:

I hope I didn't uncover some far-flung conspiracy involving Fidel Castro and the cast of "Days of Our Lives"...

Another testament to my photographic prowess.

I’ve been drinking Coke for a long time, and I’m pretty sure Coke bottle lids have been red since at least the 1990s.  They may have been other colors at various times and places, but I’m so used to them being red that it’s a shock to see a sudden switch to black lids without any fanfare, especially since Coke has a habit of altering its appearance every few years to draw attention to itself.  (Remember the period a few years ago when Coke had a stylized logo with a little yellow stripe running through it?  That was a cool design while still being true to the old logo.)  I noticed that some bottles on the shelf had black lids, while others toward the back had the normal red ones.  Maybe it has something to do with a local bottler.  Anyway, I thought I’d write about it while I still had the interest.  In the comments, feel free to let me know if this sort of thing has happened in your neck of the woods.


Finally! Actual content!

It took me hours and hours, but I finally got everything working reasonably!  Text is readable, my custom background collage is visible, and the layout is not too cluttered.  Special thanks to Jason for being my first poster!  Thank you for your support!  Thanks also to Matt from X-Entertainment and all the regular posters on that blog.  Now that I’m finally ready, I’ll start things off by giving you a general idea about what subjects I plan to cover:


Video Games



Potpourri (anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories, and assorted trivia)

This is not a definitive list, as I will doubtless branch off into whatever subjects strike my fancy.  You can check the categories or run a search at any time, as I may add new content that fits into a very sepcific area of interest for you.  Now, I’m finally ready to do what I set out to do and write about… things.

It took me 8 hours…

…but I finally got a viable theme worked out!